Universe of RNA Structures


DARTS: DAtabase of RNA Tertiary Structures

JenaLib: Jena Library of Biological Macromolecules

MINAS: A Database of Metal Ions in Nucleic AcidS

NDB: Nucleic Acid Database

NPIDB: Database of structures of nucleic acid - protein complexes

PDB: Protein Data Bank

PRIDB v2.0: Protein-RNA Interface Database

PseudoBase++: An Extension of PseudoBase for Easy Searching, Formating, and Visualization of Pseudoknots

RAG: RNA - AS - GRAPHS Database

RLOOM: RNA Loop Modeling

RNA 3D Hub: The single-stop destination for RNA structural annotations

RNA Bricks: A Database of RNA 3D structure motifs and their contacts, both with themselves and with proteins

RNA CoSSMos: Characterization of Secondary Structure Motifs

RNA FRABASE 2.0: RNA FRAgments search engine & dataBASE

RNAJunction: A database of RNA junction and kissing loop structures

RNApdbee: RNA secondary structure extraction from PDB files

RNA STRAND v2.0: The RNA secondary STRucture and statistical ANalysis Database


3DNA: a suite of software programs for the analysis, rebuilding and visualization of 3-Dimensional Nucleic Acid structures

ClaRNA: Contacts Classifier for RNA

DSSR: Software for Defining the (Secondary) Structures of RNA

FR3D: Find RNA 3D

Jmol: An open-source Java viewer for chemical structures in 3D

JSmol: JavaScript-Based Molecular Viewer From Jmol

MC-Annotate: The RNA Structure Evaluator

McGenus & TT2NE: Algorithms for RNA pseudoknot prediction

ModeRNA: A server for RNA structure modeling and analysis

PseudoViewer: Visualization of RNA pseudoknots of any type

R-chie: A web server and R package for plotting arc diagrams of RNA secondary structures

RNAMotifScan: Automatic Comparing and Searching for RNA Tertiary Motifs using Secondary Structural Alignment

RNAView : Secondary Structure Viewer

VARNA: Visualization Applet for RNA